Outliving The Trauma of GBV

GWIHR has introduced a unique element to the UN Women support group meeting. Departing from routine discussions, GWIHR organized a game day to engage participants and shed light on the issue of gender-based violence.

GWIHR’s approach aimed to build camaraderie and increase awareness. The event featured various activities promoting teamwork, communication, and resilience. Through interactive icebreakers and role-playing games, participants explored real-life scenarios, fostering discussions in a safe space.

A key highlight was a collaborative board game illustrating the journey toward a society where sex workers live without violence. Through strategic moves, we worked together to overcome these hurdles, encouraging meaningful conversations.

GWIHR’s innovative game day not only captured the attention of the support group but also engaged the broader community. This initiative showcased the organization’s commitment to impactful and inclusive approaches. As the 16 Days of Activism continued, the echoes of the game day inspired ongoing conversations and actions within the community to combat gender-based violence.
This activity was funded by UN Women

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