International Women’s Day 2023: GWIHR calls for improved participation of sex workers in innovative digital spaces.

The Celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) marked every 8th of March, is a remarkable day to acknowledge and celebrate women’s achievements. It is also a day to highlight gaps in inclusion and raise awareness of gender equality. For this year, IWD, 2023, Greater Women Initiative for Health and Rights (GWIHR), a sex workers-led organization in Nigeria with a unique perspective on the issues confronting sex workers today, celebrates all women, including those who are sex workers and trans women, especially those championing the advancement of transformative technology and digital education; hence curtailing the impact of the digital gender gap from widening the current treacherous economic and social issues.
We also beseech this day to highlight some digital inequality gaps that exist in the lives of women who are sex workers in calling families, state actors, policymakers, and the society at large to action on the need to:
  • Broaden the women’s rights movement to include female sex workers and trans women who do not have all of the advantages, as it is clear that societal non-acceptance of choice of job and gender identity fuels discriminatory practices and exclusion of sex workers in social systems.
  • Protects sex workers’ data in digital spaces to ensure their safety and security on digital platforms.
  • Improve the participatory level and involvement of sex workers in community-led policy-making and gain access to digital skills and technologies that will positively impact the livelihood of sex workers.
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