Sex Workers Activities Days

Event Title Event Date Event Description
Sex Workers Visibility Day
January 1st
The International Day of Sex Worker Visibility aims to educate people on violence and stigma against sex workers, discussing the lack of and sharing resources for harm reduction/support, as well as educating against the Nordic Model.
International Sex Workers Right Day
March 3rd
This day’s history goes back to 2001, when over 25,000 sex workers gathered in India for a festival despite efforts from prohibitionist groups who tried to prevent it taking place by pressuring the government to revoke their permit. The event was organised by Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee, a Calcutta based group that has over 50,000 sex worker members, and members of their communities. Sex worker groups across the world have subsequently celebrated 3rd March as an annual, international event, as International Sex Workers’ Rights Day. source; NSWP
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