GWIHR Conducts Transformative Training for Abia State Healthcare Providers

In a significant stride towards enhancing healthcare services in Abia State, the Greater Women Initiative for health and Right (GWIHR) recently organized an impactful training program for service providers. The training, aimed at upscaling person-centered, gender-sensitive, and sexuality-recognized service delivery, specifically targeted key populations in the state.

The event was met with resounding success, leaving healthcare providers inspired and equipped with the essential tools to foster a more inclusive healthcare environment. The program focused on improving the quality of care by ensuring that healthcare professionals are well-versed in understanding and addressing the unique needs of diverse patient groups.

Funded by Initiative Sankofa d’Afrique de l’Ouest (ISDAO), this training session highlighted the importance of inclusivity and sensitivity in healthcare settings. Participants engaged in interactive sessions, practical workshops, and discussions that emphasized the integration of gender and sexuality considerations into everyday healthcare practices.

The outcomes of the training were overwhelmingly positive. Healthcare providers reported a renewed sense of commitment to creating an environment where every patient feels respected and understood, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. This initiative is expected to have a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape in Abia State, setting a precedent for inclusive and compassionate care.

GWIHR’s dedication to promoting inclusion in healthcare is a testament to their commitment to improving health outcomes for all populations. As healthcare providers in Abia State continue to apply the knowledge and skills gained from this training, the community can look forward to a more equitable and supportive healthcare system.

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