GWIHR and UN Women Collaborate with Civil Society to Address Violence Against Women and Girls in Nigeria.

Greater Women Initiative for Health and Right (GWIHR), in collaboration with UN Women and various civil society organizations in Nigeria, has conducted a comprehensive assessment of the violence affecting women and girls in the country. This initiative aims to transform harmful social norms and end gender-based violence (GBV).

Leveraging this platform, GWIHR shared its best practices from the implementation of the UN Trust Fund Program, which supports sex workers in Rivers State, Nigeria. These practices have shown significant success in addressing and mitigating violence against this vulnerable group.

Funded by the Ford Foundation in collaboration with UN Women Nigeria, this initiative highlights the importance of coordinated efforts and knowledge sharing in tackling GBV. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, the program aims to create a unified front against violence and promote safer, more equitable environments for women and girls.

Key activities included detailed discussions on the current state of violence against women and girls, identifying harmful social norms, and developing strategic action plans to address these issues.GWIHR’s contributions, particularly insights from the Rivers State program, provided valuable guidance on effective interventions and support mechanisms for survivors of violence.

This collaborative effort is expected to lead to significant advancements in GBV prevention and response strategies across Nigeria. By fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and promoting best practices, GWIHR, UN Women, and their partners aim to drive meaningful change and ensure the safety and empowerment of women and girls nationwide.
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