Greater Women Initiative for Health and Right (GWIHR) is a female sex workers led
organization with resolve to intervene for the Rights and Health needs of sex workers and women in general, with the aim of informing sex workers of their basic right, help reduce the occurrence of HIV/AIDS and STIs, and facilitate access to treatment, care and support through peer education, advocacy, awareness creation and sensitization.
GWIHR believes that everyone should have access to health care, human rights, and education, regardless of job, gender, sexual orientation, or identity. We are committed to gender equality; we value multiplicity and participation, particularly of sex workers living with HIV/AIDS, in our supremacy and programs; and we accept as true in the strength of mind of volunteerism to be innermost in order to achieve our directive, advance our foundation, and strengthen the voice of sex workers.

A Community-Led Monitoring Program (CLM) at selected sites in Rivers State. CLM is a community initiated, client-centered, evidence-based approach to facilitate continuous and convenient access to HIV services for people living with HIV. The goal is to develop a shared understanding of the enablers and barriers to accessing and utilizing HIV or HIV-related services, in a manner that is productive, collaborative, respectful, and solutions-oriented, toward improved service delivery and client outcomes for end users of services at the facility and community levels.

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