Advancing Safety and Well-being: GWIHR’s Grassroots Initiative Against Gender-Based Violence

In a significant endeavor, GWIHR has initiated a specialized team committed to fortifying responses against gender-based violence (GBV) directed towards female and transgender sex workers. This initiative, known as Today for Tomorrow, takes a dedicated, community-centric approach to promote the safety and well-being of these individuals. The team’s primary goal is to enhance the GBV response system, fostering a sense of security and support within their local communities.

At its core, this grassroots movement addresses the root causes of gender-based violence, working diligently to cultivate an atmosphere of respect and compassion. The team functions as a proactive force, akin to superheroes, striving to enhance the overall well-being of our friends who are female and transgender sex workers.

GWIHR underscores the significance of this initiative, emphasizing the collective responsibility we share in making positive contributions to each other’s lives. Today for Tomorrow is not just a team; it’s a commitment to creating a world where everyone can feel good, safe, and supported in their daily lives. Through this professional and purposeful approach, GWIHR aims to make lasting improvements in the lives of those it seeks to protect. This activity was funded by UN Women

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